Hosted PBX

Stop shelling out for outmoded or expensive phone equipment. Put your phone system in the cloud and end capital investments that eat up profits. The Voitual Hosted PBX system delivers a cloud-hosted phone system that let’s your business expand without costly equipment, upgrades, maintenance or repair. Seamlessly connect desktop, mobile and softphones and utilize your team no matter where they work — office, home, branch locations or on the road.

SIP Features

Voitual SIP Features extend the volume capacity, user flexibility and reach of your office phones. Our premium cloud-based SIP technology makes sure your callers never get a busy signal. Remote workers can take office calls no matter where they are. Voitual SIP Features also leverage your Internet connection to move voice and data simultaneously. Say goodbye to wasted costs, slow productivity and vulnerabilities associated with separate voice and data systems. In the event of a disaster, calls are automatically rerouted to cell phones or alternative landline locations.

Virtualization/Unified Communications

By breaking down the barriers between the 'telecom closet' and the data warehouse, Voitual Solutions can virtualize voice management tasks, and consolidate voice and non-voice applications on a single server. Voitual's Unified Communications Solutions provide remote deployment and superior management of mobility, conferencing, collaboration, messaging, and a host of other unified communications applications, resulting in lower operational and usage costs.

Data Backup

Now you can protect your business data and applications without the costly investments associated with multiple servers at multiple locations with multiple staffing. Voitual Data Backup solutions provides redundant barriers to server failure, human error or natural disaster with unbeatable data security all in the cloud.

Integrated Mobility

The days of "do it my way" office communications are gone. Your workforce wants a communications system to adopt to their working styles, schedules, and devices. Voitual Integrated Mobility solutions are designed to free your team to perform optimally from anywhere, using a host of mobile devices and integrated voice and multimedia applications to remain connected and interactive with colleagues and clients.

Interactive Collaboration & Conferencing

Your team can have all the features of a multimedia conference room without any of them attending in the same room. Collaboration can take place with colleagues and clients interacting from different locations using a variety of devices and sharing unified applications. Voitual Interactive Collaboration solutions simply empower your business to be an agile organization, hire the best people no matter where they live, keep costs of travel and relocation to a minimum, and achieve higher productivity.

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ATTENTION VMware Dealers and Users:
Be a VoitualWARE Virtual Voice Partner

VoitualWARE is the most flexible, feature-rich, cost-effective virtual voice solution for VMware Virtualization platform users. 

VoitualWARE offers the most flexible voice solution options available today. Customers can choose between remote cloud hosting or their own private cloud environment running VMware. They also have bandwidth options — using their own or a remote cloud. Plus, as VoitualWARE fully supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), customers are freed from complicated configurations and maintenance issues.

No other hosted solution on the market today offers these choices. 

Our VoitualWARE Partners Program has taken the worry out of migrating to the cloud by offering secure, reliable voice solutions with more customer choices. Join us today!


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