Voitual QC Assurance Services

Your business has made the decision to adopt IP-based telephony. Once your VoIP system is up and running, you may run into problems. You need to have a solid Quality Control (QC) presence to prevent or resolve issues. Voitual has the virtual voice power to give your users peace of mind. Our QC Assurance Services provide you with the reliability you need to make sure that consistent quality and uptime are up to expectations. 

Enterprise IT departments and large hosting and contact center facilities look to Voitual expert engineers for the knowhow and abilities to provide managed QC Assurance Services and enhance complex system virtualizations calling for integration of data, multimedia, voice over an expanding variety of devices.

Five plans to choose from to suit your company size and usage requirements.

Enterprise (E): 250+ phones — as low as $14.99 / mo ./ea.
Mid-size (M): 50 - 250 phones — as low as $17.99 / mo ./ea.
Small (S): 50 or less phones — as low as $19.99 /&nbnbsp;mo ./ea.
We also have OEM and Contact Center packages. Ask for a quote.

Services provided include:

    • Virtual Voice QC Management
    • Remote Monitoring
    • Trouble Detection
    • Engineering Support
    • Failsafe mechanisms
    • Urgent response
    • Maintenance, Backup & Continuity
    • Tracking

Voitual Hosted Contact Center Services

Your business depends on the phone for making sales appointments, telemarketing and/or customer support services. With Voitual's fully hosted, full-featured Virtual Voice Contact Center Services, your business gets all the benefits of the cloud and the Internet without the capital investment required of traditional phone systems. You get top-shelf usage for your team and never have to worry about scalability limits, outmoded equipment, or the need to hire tech personnel to manage your system.

    • Cloud-Hosted
    • Fully-Featured
    • Supports Sales & Response Teams
    • Location-free VoIP system
    • For casual or formal usage
    • Multimedia capability
    • Predictive dialer
    • Reporting and management
    • Soft phones
    • Microsoft Lync Integration
    • Presence notifications
    • Disaster recovery
    • Business continuity
    • 99%+ uptime

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